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Motherhood is by far the most frustrating, tiring, and rewarding job in the world.  I can’t think of a more satisfying job than staying home with these two.  When Lennox was born 6 months ago everything was turned upside down.  He wasn’t an easy baby and on top of that we had just moved to Connecticut and found out that we would have to move all our belongings back to Michigan–then within less than two weeks move to Switzerland.  Things are finally getting to the point that I don’t feel overwhelmed every second of every day.

Lots of milestones are happening in our home.  Lennox is on his second week of sleeping through the night.  Hallelujah!  I know some would say that I’m lucky to have my 6 month old sleeping through the night but I disagree.  Lucky is having my first baby sleep through the night (12 hrs/night) from 4 weeks old…and on top of that, take 3 naps a day (6 hrs total).  Yes, she was only awake for a total of 6 hrs. every day until past her 1st birthday!  That’s lucky! haha.  Lennox is also crawling like a crazy baby.  He basically gets into everything he shouldn’t.  His favorite things to go after–electrical outlets & chords.  Yikes!  He also chases Blake (and her stuffed animals) at any chance he gets.  Blake hates this and usually ends up in tears.  Lennox literally “sprint-crawls” across the room the second she puts one of her stuffed animals down.  It looks like a scene out of The Walking Dead.  Lennox is also taking down baby food like I starve him for hours.  He gulps that stuff up and always finishes with a giant manly burp.  Yes, very manly.  He is a bit behind on purees and foods if I compare him to Blake who was eating all sorts of things by 5 months.  This is my fault since I have been so lazy with consistently giving him baby food.  Bottles are so much easier!  And cleaner 😉

Blake on the other hand is having milestones every day.  Nathan and I continue to be amazed at her “young adult” mind in her little 21 month old body.  She knows all her basic colors and constantly is pointing them out.  She can count to 3 (hahaha).  And knows just about every animal sound you can think of including a skunk–which says (peeee-uuuuu) and holds it’s nose 😉 lol.  She is also bargaining for “one more book” before bed and listening only when mommy and daddy bribe her.  Last night she experienced her first minute in time-out.  It was awful for her as she cried hysterically while we laughed at her.

I would love to freeze time to savor these moments with the kids but I know it only gets better!

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GSHC vs. Biel & LHC

Here are the highlights for the past two games.  Nathan came away with 3 assists and 1 goal on the weekend 🙂  My favorite is watching him make plays…so fun!

GSHC vs. Biel

GSHC vs. Lausanne

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Happy Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day was incredibly special thanks to Nathan and his “romantic” side.  When we all woke up this morning we were greeted with love notes for Blake and I from Nathan, chocolate (one for me and one for Blakey), and outfits from Lennox and Nathan.  On top of that, I had two look for notes around the house.  They ended up asking me to dinner tomorrow night for a date night.  How lucky am I?! And how lucky am I to share my Valentine’s day with the most beautiful girl in the world!  She is definitely a daddy’s girl!

When Blake saw her gifts she was so excited and could not get over the teddy bear that was on top of her chocolate box hahaha!!!  The stupid little teddy bear was the winner of the day.  She is too cute!  Oh, and she also loved the Minnie jammies that Lennox “picked” out for her.

After we got over the fact that daddy spoiled us, we had a little surprise of our own.  Daddy loves his sweets so we made him brownies with I (heart) U in sprinkles.  Blake helped me throughout the whole process.  Her favorite part was sprinkling/eating the sprinkles.  She calls them “prinkos” and I think I let her eat half the jar because she was so cute asking for “prinkos”.  I just adore her.  We also made cards.  Blake colored a paper heart and also colored half the coffee table–which was white, and now it’s rainbow.  It’s a nice touch of color if you ask me!

To top off Valentine’s Day, Nathan had an away game in Lausanne.  Blakey asked daddy to score a goal and she got it (and an assist)…yet again!  Every time she asks him for one, she gets one!  Lucky girl! Oh, and more good news–GSHC clinched a playoff spot!  Now, who will they play in the first round?! Also, important note–since Nathan and I have “officially” been together, he hasn’t been in the playoffs sooooo, I’m super D duper stoked for him to be in/me to watch him play in playoffs!!! woo hoo!!!

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Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. 

This past weekend Nathan had an early game so I got to bring Blake for the first time in a while. When Nathan was playing for the Carolina Hurricanes last season, Blake didn’t miss a single home game of his. She was so easy to bring to games and the accessibility to the family room was a lifesaver. Things are a bit different now–we are exposed to the ice so if a puck flies our way, it could be ugly. There is also nowhere to put my stroller and no changing table in the bathroom which leaves me changing the kids on the bathroom floor.  Oh, and not to mention, games start at 7:45pm instead of 7pm in the states. Nonetheless, I have brought her to a handful of games and she has been great. Up until this game, the team mascots received dirty looks and grumpy faces. She couldn’t bear the sight of them. Sunday afternoon was different. She was bold and full of spunk! She actually tried to run after them when they didn’t see her waving, let them play with Minnie, and spotted them far away in the stands and asked to go after them. What a difference a couple months can make! 😊. 

Nathan also had an amazing game–so did the team! 

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Baby Showers, Museums, & sights around Geneva

So, I bet you didn’t know it but I have a secret passion for arts and crafts. When I say passion…I mean that I absolutely love being artsy but I’m not very good at it 😜. I find it relaxing and rewarding…I’ve literally done everything in the books–metalsmithing jewelry, sewing, fine arts, charcoal drawing, sculpting, pottery on a wheel, sketching…etc. A baby shower is the perfect excuse to do all of the above!  All the decorations (including the cupcakes) were made by yours truly 🙋🏽. 

Also, I didn’t know this until I decided to host but baby showers are not a common thing in Europe. More than half of the WAGS (wives and girlfriends) hadn’t been to one so it was really fun to show them a tradition from the states! I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time. 👌🏻

Call me crazy but I took the kids to the Natural History museum in Geneva by myself. Nathan had practice and I was antsy to do something so this is where we ended up. Blake loved only two of the animals on display (out of 4 whole floors of animal displays) haha. The penguins and the turtles!  She was scared of everything else which means she wanted “up please” 🤦🏻‍♀️😓. It was a beautiful museum but I think it was a bit ambitious to think that my 20 month old “scaredy cat” would love it. Oh, and not pictured here is Lennox screaming his lungs out on the 2nd floor and me carrying him in a pack, carrying Blake on my hip, and pushing the stroller all at once through the 3rd and 4th floors 😓😜 but I conquered it with a smile on my face and Blake slept well for the afternoon nap haha. I hope Nathan gets the chance to see it. Maybe I’ll send him with both kids as payback 😜. 

The sights here in Geneva are stunning!!! I came across this river while I was driving to the grocery store on the Swiss-France border. I drove past it initially and ended up parking down the street and walking to enjoy the view. I am never able to stop and take in the sights and noises around me because I have the kids but on this day, the kids were at home with the sitter and I took advantage of being able to hop out of the car and soak it all in! I love how the river is freezing over a bit…and the overgrowth of the trees. Natural beauty at its finest!!! 

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Family Skate ❤

Yesterday we took the kids on the ice after Nathan’s practice. It was a semi-disaster because Blake didn’t want to skate. She pulled her legs up and refused to let her feet hit the ice. I think it’s the start of the “drama” phase. Soooo not looking forward to her future meltdowns haha. Lennox on the other hand loved it!  Oh, and I managed to hold Blake the entire time without falling 🙏🏼😜

One of the sweet ladies from GSHC media took some photos of us and graciously sent them. Here are a few…